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The Santiago feria is definitely one of the busiest times of the year here in Santiago. Although it started out as a Catholic celebration it has evolved to the point where it is considered a civic holiday (although the religious side is still strong, and many evangelicos avoid it). Many people from everywhere come to celebrate and do honor to Santiago (and his horse). We will begin our visit to the feria with this video of Santiago in all his glory, riding at the front of the procession on his day

BanderaThe flag at the top of the church, the guardian angel, and Santiago on his horse looking out for the good of the village.

There are a LOT of pictures of this years feria that you can look at on the pages that follow.

These pictures are from the parade, that started at the gas station behind town and made it's merry way through town to the football field, where there was a great gathering of the floats and marching bands.










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