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Welcome to the Santiago Atitlan web site. Here you will find information about our town, the people who live here, and the beautiful place that we have been blessed to live in.We will be constantly updating the site, as thereSunset are many facets to life in Santiago. The "Atitlan Today" page will become a running commentary on what is going on in town and around the area. We will be collecting information and stories from the old folks and visiting different artisans. Our new Photo Archive is a great collection of antique photographs from Santiago, from 1885 to the present. The "Mayan Religion" page will provide you information about upcoming ceremonies and, eventually, a catalog of the yearly series of rituals. You can also find some information about Maximon. The "Around The Lake" page will give you information about the Lake area.The "Local Business" page will point you at the right hotel or help you to find different crafts or other businesses. You can help Santiago by checking out some of our "Social Projects" or by visiting the "Tienda Santiago" page and checking out some of the great fundraising items for sale there. You can even visit our online "Virtual Maximon Shrine" and offer up a cigar, candle, or bottle or "cux" to the Master. (Funds generated by the shrine are donated to the Hospitalito Atitlan project.) You can find lots of information and photos of the October 5th, 2005 mudslide on the October 5th Disaster page

Santiago is located on lake Atitlan in the Guatemalan highlands(see the map in "Around the Lake".)Lake Atitlan is a beautiful jewel nestled between three volcanos (Atitlan, Toliman and San Pedro) It lies at an altitude of one mile, providing for a mild, semi tropical climate that lends itself to the agricultural pursuits of most of the local people.


This web site is intended as a non commercial encyclopedia about Santiago Atitlán. We have invented several ways that you can help to defray the expense of maintaining the site. You can purchase one of the unique items from our little store, Tienda Santiago which is also a catalog of great things that are fundraisers for various organizations around town  

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2 women The lake is a pleasant temperature most of the year and a dip into the lake is a dip into the great mother. Once you swallow a drop of water from the lake, you will to come back again and again.

Santiago Atitlán is the capital of the Tzutujil Maya Nation and the center of the Universe. It is the largest Indigenous town in Central America. It´s people come from warrior stock. KidsA large portion of the population still observe the old traditions, although things are changing quickly as the outside world is making it´s presence felt more strongly each day. Find out more about our history on the"History"page.

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