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Chuitinamit is the current name for Chiya, the capitol of the Tzikinajai moiety, the main group that was in control of this fortress. They ruled over the rest of the Tzutujil tribe, and levied tribute over the rest of the groups in the area, including Chucumuc, the largest of the "peoples villages". At times the different moiety groups rebelled and tried to break free of the T'zikinajai influence ( a couple of years before the conquest the T'zikinajai king hired Caqchiquel mercenaries to put down an uprising in Chucumuk.) but Chiya continued to be the capitol until the Spanish made everyone move to the current site of Santiago. It is located on a small hill across the bay from Santiago Atitlan. Although most of the buildings have eroded through the years, you can still clearly see the pyramids, plazas, and carvings that made this one of the most resplendant places in Guatemala at the time of the conquest. The amazing thing is that this incredible ruin is totally ignored by the majority of visiters and there are even very few locals who have spent any time in this ancient capitol. Carving Lately there have been several incidents of people destroying the old carvings. The carving of The Grand Jaguar was covered over with cement by the owner of the land. He didn't want people trespassing on his land. A huge hole has been dug into the main pyramid, probably somebody who is looking to steal T'zutujil Pop. What a crime!!!!