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The Yearly Cycle


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All of the traditional ceremonies are set up around a yearly cycle of cosmic events and are Cantordesigned to help the different planets, the sun, the moon, etc. to stay true to their paths and fulfill their destinies. Without the cycle of ceremonies and the participation of the people, things start to get confusing and things don't evolve into their natural patterns. The world may just end. LagoEvery detail is done according to a plan concieved long ago by the ancients who, in their wisdom, set up this pattern as a way for everyone to live. The following list is taken mostly from Religion and the World View in Santiago Atitlan by E.M. Mendelson in 1956, and a lot of the cofradias aren't working anymore (their part of the ceremonies has been absorbed by the remaining cofradias) so the information is probably out of date

Ritual Cycle of the Atitecan Year




Other Implications

January 1 Año Nuevo Santiago, San Martin Election and confirmation of political officials
January 6 San Gaspar or Los Reyes Concepcion, Santa Cruz, Santiago Election Santiago. Municipality entertains the procession
January 15 Esquipulas Concepcion, Esquipulas Particular First sowing of corn
January 20 San Sebastian   Second sowing of corn
February 5 Fiesta San Felipe San Felipe, Concepcion, Santiago, San Juan, San Antonio Third sowing. Misa de Pricipales and rain costumbre. Corn blessing
Feb 20- April 5 7 fridays of Cuaresma Santa Cruz, San Nicolas First Friday: 2nd Mexicano practice
March 19 San Jose San Jose Particular  
Semana Santa   Mainly Santa Cruz, but all of the cofradias are active Sabado de Gloria: 3rd Mexicanos. Participation by the municipality
May 3 Fiesta Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Fourth sowing, decoration of crosses
May 14 Acension Santa Cruz  
May 20 San Bernadino   Fifth sowing
June 4 Corpus Cristi Santiago (Sacramento),San Juan, San Antonio fourth Mexicanos.Negrito dance from Cerro de Oro, Padre Eterno procession
June 13 Fiesta San Antonio San Antonio, Santiago First visit by Santiago to his new cofradia
June 24 Fiesta San Juan San Juan, San Martin  
July 25 Fiesta Santiago Santiago, San Juan, San Antonio Ladino festivities
Sept 8 Maria Entividad San Antonio  
Sept 10 Fiesta San Nicolas San Nicolas  
Sept 29 San Miguel Santa Cruz (Maximon)  
Oct 7 Magdalena Castellana Santa Cruz  
November 2 Todos Santos, Fiesta Animas Animas, San Martin  
November 11 San Martin San Juan, San Martin Particular, San Nicolas, San Antonio  
November 17 Fiesta San Gregorio San Gregorio  
November 30 San Andres Santa Cruz (Maximon)  
December 7 Fiesta Rosario Rosario, Santiago, Sn Juan, San Antonio catequist training, novenas
December 8 Fiesta Concepcion Concepcion  
Dec 22- 26 Noche Buena Concepcion, Santiago, San Juan, San Antonio Alcaldes, Regidores open fiesta, First Mejicanos