Chaj Choj


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In places with large populations like Santiago Atitlan there is invariably a lot of environmental issues. In Santiago we have a particularly bad trash problem. One reason is that plastic is relatively new here (plastic bags were pretty much unknown until 1980) and the local people have always had the custom of taking their trash (totally organic until plastic creeped in) out into their fields for fertilizing. Unfortunately, a lot of folks haven't realized that plastic is any different, and have continued to fertilize their fields with it....

Chaj ChojChaj Choj was formed by a group of local residents specifically to address the trash problem, and have been involved in many grass root projects aimed at education, clean up, organization of trash resources, recycling, and anything else that has anything to do with cleaning up the town. They currently pay a full time street sweeper and are working with other groups to extend the street cleaner idea throughout Santiago. They are always in need of funds (they are currently looking for funds to pay for another street cleaner). You can reach them through us here at the Santiago site: